We are an ambitious game development studio

Our story

MoonMonster Studios was founded in 2019 by Gilles Vancoillie and Seppe Roelandt. Games can make people smile, cry and laugh their pants off. Our mission is to create awesome games we can be passionate about as an independent game developer. We especially hope that our games can have a positive lasting impact on people, whether through gameplay, story or humour.  We both love animated shows and movies and aim to recreate the epic, funny and intimate moments these shows have, in our own games.

Meet the Monsters

Seppe Roelandt

Lead Developer

Gilles Vancoillie

Managing Director

Lina Zhao

Lead Artist

Brian Van Hyfte


Joran Potze



Our values

As a company we strongly believe in making fun games with memorable moments. We build our company on values that support our vision. Everyone’s opinion matters to us and we try to include input from the whole team to create something everyone’s passionate about. We believe that everyone has something useful to add to our goal of creating amazing games with the style we aspire to. This includes feedback from you! So if you’d like to give us ideas or feedback, don’t hold back and join our discord!

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