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We create interactive
experiences for companies.

Games are more than just entertainment. It’s an interactive medium that can be adapted for many use cases and in all fields. It can be used to bring people together, to educate people, to simulate real life situations and many more things. As a studio, we believe that those experience can change how we see and experience the world. We love to bring these interactive experiences to our clients and help create new angles to approach any situation.


Some of our monstrously
delicious services.

Game development

Have a solid game idea but no in-house team to make it? No problem! We can make your ideas a reality and work together to make your vision come to life. Good communication and planning are at the forefront to make this happen.

Asset creation​

Need 3D models, environments, concept art or anything else art related? We’ve got you covered! Our team can handle a great variety of softwares, media and styles to bring you exactly what you need.


Want to integrate Virtual Reality, Augment Reality, or a Digital Twin in your company? Want to create a new product based on these technologies? We are here for you! We can assist you in creating custom projects, from concept to business model and production.


Want to teach children or train new employees in a fun and practical way? We are here for all your educational game and simulation needs! There are no limits to how games can be used to inform in this increasingly digital and fast-paced world.

B2B projects

Colruyt Group
Nationale Loterij
Hand Walk

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