Under the motto ‘catch them while they’re young’ Agoria made an escalator game to teach kids and young adults about escalator safety. Target group: 8 to 18-year-olds. It is mainly used as an awareness tool to reduce the number of accidents on escalators. For this project we came up with a concept for gameplay and theme, designed the characters and develop the music with Simon Felix.

“Instead of opting for the umpteenth video or instruction note, we chose a unique game formula in which the participants learn the 12 main rules of safe escalator use,” says Dirk De Moor, responsible for the lifts and escalators business group at Agoria. “We are convinced that learning by doing sticks better than just reading.” A notion that we heavily support at MoonMonster. Do you want your own game that can create awareness for your cause? Be sure to contact us!

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Play the game here.
Platform: Web
Engine: Construct
Type: Serious game
Challenge: Match the visuals to fit with Agoria branding.

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