Together with DAE Studios and Fluvius Academy we identified an opportunity to optimize their activities. Each year Fluvius Academy educates new employees to understand all the aspects of placing street lighting. Light can be difficult to understand without visual support. By making a digital course employees can independently follow a course that is more efficient and easier to understand.

We made an interactive two-part course for this class. During the first part, users learn about theoretical aspects of light such as luminous flux, brightness, illuminance, and luminance. It is also a great way to more easily understand light distribution curves since you clearly see the translation from 2D to 3D and vice versa. The second part has a more practical approach and connects the theory with the job. During this part, users learn how street lighting is correctly placed step by step. We recreated real-life situations based on pictures. That way we can explain to users certain problems that can occur while making a plan for street lighting such as longitudinal and transverse evenness. The user can interactively change the parameters of the lighting so they can see the impact of the different values they can influence. When the students have completed the course, the teacher can check how the student did by checking their answers to the questions integrated in the course.
Platform: VR
Engine: Unity, HDRP
Type: Educational
Challenge: Recreating realistic light behaviour
that can be adjusted real-time in VR.
Colruyt Group

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