Nationale Loterij

Together with the National Lottery, MoonMonster Studios did an innovation track to create a new type of e-games. The e-games that were offered on the National Lottery site regularly felt the same and there was a need for a new type of e-games. During the track, we first looked at the current market of e-games and then created new concepts. Of those new concepts, we choose Lucky Mine as the project to be executed.

After prototyping the mechanics and our preproduction, we did our production by using the Phaser engine. We rigorously tested the game for bugs since there was no room for mistakes in this market. Since the release in February 2020 the portfolio of Woohoo games has improved a lot, with popular games getting a place in the portfolio of Woohoo games.

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Disclaimer: This is a gambling game. Players should be aware of this risk,
and govern themselves accordingly.
Platform: Web
Engine: Phaser
Type: E-game
Challenge: Innovate on the existing formula of e-games.

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