Inverted is an experience about two people who are connected through their soul. Together, they travel through a mystical world to discover what happened to them and why they are linked. In this early demo, they have to escape an ancient temple!

2 players

The game is made for two players. Since we’re still in a global pandemic at the moment we don’t want to encourage you to get together to play this game. But no worries, we’ve got your back. We recommend you use Parsec ( to play from a distance. It’s a great solution that enables any local multiplayer game to become an online multiplayer game. Technically you could also play the game alone while controlling both characters, making for an extra challenge.

What can you expect?

Inverted is a two player co-op platforming experience. The gameplay is a combination of co-op puzzles, a gravity switching mechanic and tight platforming controls. The demo you’re about to play is a showcase of the possibilities of this kind of gameplay.


If you want to talk about the game or
just want to follow us as developers, feel free to join our discord.

Download for free

Download the game for free on
Be sure to download Parsec to play with friends. Controller recommended.

Contact us

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