Space Control

Space Control is the first VR game that makes you feel like you’re in a cartoon show. Get kidnapped by aliens, unseal cryopods and adapt to life on their absurd space station. Meet crazy aliens in the new space station orbiting Earth, owned by ”The Galactic Federation” and explore an insane story with a twist!

The Game

The Council of Six is coming! The council is deciding if they want to reboot earth. Because of this, the Galactic Federation has experienced a giant influx of tourists that want to see earth before it’s gone. They’ve got you working as a cryopod-handler, fondling aliens and helping them recover from their journey. All-in-all a pretty standard job, except you can’t leave your booth because you’re also required to eat, sleep, and relieve yourself there. Federation policy.

The adventure comes to YOU

On one hand you’re confined to a booth. On the other hand, you’ve got a front row seat to an epic space opera. And on yet a third hand, you’ll have to react and make decisions based on unfolding events.

Leisure time.

When the day is through you’re free to kick back and relax in the cramped living area directly behind your desk. Explore! Play! Shop! Or indulge your creative side with crayons that scream.


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