Space Control

Imagine being transported to your favorite animated show and taking part
in the crazy adventures. That’s what Space Control is about.

You’ve been abducted by aliens and immediately put to work as a ‘voluntary’ unpaid intern. Work your way toward freedom as you get the weirdest alien jobs assigned, all while forming friendships with trusty crewmates (also abducted, by the way).

The Game

Ditch the ordinary 9-to-5 for a cosmic career with your alien crew! Abduction duties, alien babysitting, and concert chaos await. Go on a VR adventure that’s more ‘WTF’ than HR-approved!

The Characters

Get to know your dysfunctional crew mates through your adventures: Zorgle the Friendly Giant, Melody the Stockholm Syndome patient and Widget the Rascal. Obey the rule abiding Flurg while getting help from your sarcastic sidekick, Sydra.

Alien shenanigans

Whatever you do in Space Control, one thing is for sure: You’ll see a wacky space station with even weirder aliens. Each job is filled with unexpected twists and ton of jokes.


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