Space Control

Space Control is a comical story-driven VR game in which you take on the role of a border control officer in space. Meet crazy aliens in the new space station orbiting Earth, owned by ”The Galactic Federation” and explore an insane story with a twist!

Meet the aliens

Discover crazy aliens and interact with them during your job in a vibrant world with daily changes.

Insane story

You decide how events play out, your fate and how the game ends.

Multiple endings

Discover multiple endings spread out throughout the game.


Want to decide what gets added in the game? Want to talk to the devs, give feedback and test the game, feel free to join our discord!

Demo coming soon

Experience the first day in Space Control and get a taste of the crazy world we made. The demo will be released soon. for everyone.

Contact us

Like what you are seeing and want to contribute to the project or our mission to make comedy games? Our virtual door is always open for a chat!

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